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In Brief
RACING is continuing to work on safety, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has confirmed, following five deaths. Five horses died on 20-21 February. The deaths were not related to falls and one suffered a heart attack. Tributes were paid to Yall
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‘I Don’t Normally Get Emotional But…’ @jen_donald Ascot Racecourse, Berks NOT many people can claim to have trained and bred a Grade One jump winner, but Exmoorbased Jeremy Scott joined that elite group on Saturday when Dashel Drasher (pictured above, left)
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Each To Their Own
DESPITE now sharing a base, Darren and Spencer keep their businesses quite separate ― “we meet up in the arena” ― and it’s working well for them. “We don’t do things particularly differently but it’s nice to have our independence and our own routines