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Getting the bike back to Blighty

Shipping options are a very serious consideration when getting a bike to the UK from America and it really pays to look in depth at your options. You get exactly what you pay for here!

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748cc air-cooled two-stroke three cylinder 71 x 63mm 74bhp @ 6800rpm 57ft-lb @ 6500rpm 5 speed 7.1:1 3 x Mikuni VM30SC 3.25 x 19 (F) 4.00 x 18 (R) 3.7 gallons (16.7 litres) 295mm disc (F) 203mm drum (R) 192kg (423.2lb) ■
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Scooperman !
Despite being a long time VJMC member it’s fair to say this columnist isn’t automatically a ‘dyed in the purist’ when it comes to originality. Yes, some of my bikes have been rebuilt to ‘brochure specification’, but even that level of accuracy is w
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Q:I have a couple of queries and the first one concerns tyre size. The standard size for this model is 110/70 17 front and 150/70 17 rear. The previous owner fitted tyre sizes listed for the later 650 model which are 120/70 17 and 160/70 17. I am re