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Piston ‘n’ ported!

Last time the exhausts had been built and fitted and I felt the essence of the bike was coming together. There were a few niggles and areas that I was thinking needed to be addressed, both practical and aesthetic.

First the engine. To recap, previously I had spoken to BDK Race Engineering. The brief was not out and out bhp but a usable, tractable engine.

I’d had a number of conversations with James at BDK and in order to save a few quid had altered the inlet angle and welded stubs in to mount the 38mm Mikunis. The rest was then up to BDK.

One area of concern with GT750 engines under hard use is exploding clutches. It appears that once tuned and abused, the clutch can be marginal and a bit prone to slipping, the heat generated being the issue. BDK’s solution is to modify the clutch basket to take

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I’m from Ohio in the USA and I’m proud to be a magazine guy. I spend enough time on the computer/internet during the day that I want to read about my hobbies in a magazine, not on a computer. I can’t wait for my next issue of Classic Motorcycle Mecha
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1976 Kawasaki Z650
Four-stroke air-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke four 652cc 62.0 x 54.0mm 9.5:1 66bhp @ 8500rpm 42ft-lb @ 8000rpm 4 x Mikuni VM24SS 800mm/31.5mm Wheelbase 1473mm/56.6 inches 220kg /485lb 2200mm /87.4 inches 850mm /33.5 inches 3.25-19 (F), 4.10-18 (R) Disc (
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