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he idea of taking a pre-recorded section of a rhythm or musical pattern and building new music from it didn’t start with digital samplers, as tape loops had been in use by producers of contemporary music for many years prior to the arrival of sampling. But tape loops were (and are) tricky to make and trickier to manage, especially if you’re using multiple loops – and especially if those loops need to be synchronised. It is no

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Public Service Announcement
Having explored a diverse range of sonic concepts across three dizzying records, Public Service Broadcasting have earned their reputation as one of the UK’s most distinctive acts, recognisable for their driving synth sound and for incorporating vast
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RØDE PodMic £100
Røde has made some smart moves in the world of podcasting in recent years. With its PodMic, the Australian company is creating tough competition for classic broadcast microphones at a fraction of the price. For this review, we’re pitting the PodMic a
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Brand-new And Updated Devices in Ableton Live 11
The Ableton Live 11 beta has brought us new and updated devices – some instruments, some audio effects. These novel updates, however, are not all obvious at first glance. Live 11 boasts many new flagship features too, such as track comping, which we’