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If there’s one word that sums up Apple’s revised version of sampling in Logic Pro X, it’s “immediacy”. If you’ve followed our previous workshops on Quick Sampler and Auto Sampler (featured in issues 211 and 212, respectively), you’ll know that Apple has made a range of sample-based tasks quicker and easier to tackle than ever before – whether that’s time-slicing drum loops or sampling hardware and software synths. One of the principle ways Apple has achieved such impressive immediacy is by differentiating the various roles of their sample-based plug-ins: Quick Sampler is specifically limited to single samples and time-sliced loops, and Auto Sampler is designed for sample recording. So where does that leave the rebuilt EXS24, now known as Sampler?

Sampler has been designed to map multisamples or, in other words, to deal with the process of mapping multiple

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