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Grow Tomatoes
You will need: tomato seeds • pots • peat-free, multi-purpose compost • vermiculite (a water-retaining mineral) • cling film • soft twine • stakes (such as bamboo) • tomato food Between January and March, thinly sow your tomato seeds in 7.5cm-wide po
BBC Countryfile MagazineLeitura de 2 minsRegional & Ethnic
The Seasonal Table: A Taste Of February
The smallholding is softly stirring into life again. At dusk, while we are quickly grafting a few new apple varieties on the old trees, a bat swoops through the orchard and a toad is heard croaking by the pond. There is even an enthusiastic plum tree
BBC Countryfile MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
ID Guide: Early Spring Birdsong
Short, wistful, almost melancholic phrases of song from December onwards. Often sings at dusk and during rain, which gives rise to the old nickname of ‘stormcrow’. Head to southern heathlands on a late winter’s day to hear this little-known songster