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Greenery boosts children’s immune systems

Allergies and other immune disorders are a growing problem among urban populations. One possibility is that

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Species To Look Out For
Plump and sooty brown, with a broad white bib, the dipper is the archetypal bird of upland streams and rivers. Often you will spot one flying low over the water on fast, whirring wings, or bobbing on a waterside rock. Most of its food is obtained by
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Where Are They Now?
MYANMAR The Myanmar Government confirmed its place as a tiger country with a new minimum national number of 22 tigers, as well as recent evidence of tigers breeding in the wild. INDIA The 2018 census surveyed 381,400km² of forests for tiger signs an
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This Is Your Life
Like earwigs and grasshoppers, shieldbugs undergo incomplete metamorphosis – a set of gradual changes that takes an insect from egg to adult. In contrast, flies, bees, beetles and butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis. They start life as a maggo