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Roy G. Guzmán

Graywolf Press

What are we
witnesses to that implicates us

Graywolf Press

HOW IT BEGAN: For a long time I didn’t know how or where to find the words to write this book. I didn’t believe I could write a book. The book itself is an. The original idea was to take stock of what I’ve been through as a queer Central American immigrant and write about those challenges. Working through and against systemic silence, I increased the scope of the book to accommodate my family’s experiences, both in the United States and Honduras. The experience of seeing through a larger lens compelled me to think even beyond the parameters of human experience; that’s where the Queerodactyl, X-Men–inspired, and more abstract poems came in. In retrospect it’s always been a passion to write against injustice that informs so much of . I wanted to share with the world that people like me, historically and violently relegated to the margins, have histories, cultures, ambitions, and dreams for the future.

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