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MY MOM WAS RIGHT WHEN she said, “You never stop mothering.” Even as a mother of adult sons, I’m tempted to manage them, but I know I need to

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Mornings with JesusLeitura de 2 mins
Monday, June 7
RECENTLY, A FRIEND OF MINE experienced an unexpected, life-changing setback. In an instant, her world was flipped upside-down. As she struggled with loss, her family and I helped in small ways, such as walking the dog, visiting her, or simply sitting
Mornings with JesusLeitura de 2 mins
Saturday, May 22
IN MAY 1983, MY HUSBAND, young sons, and I set out for our first visit with our families since moving to the Midwest six months earlier. Unfortunately, our air conditioning stopped working two hours into the trip. I was hot, miserable, and grumpy unt
Mornings with JesusLeitura de 2 mins
Thursday, May 27
I RECENTLY SAW A DECORATIVE sign with the familiar message “Home Sweet Home.” I smiled. That message carries a whole new meaning since my life became so transient. In the last year, I’ve averaged about only half of each month at home due to ministry