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The robust action has been in production for many years. It will last a lifetime and more with a little servicing

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Is January The Best Month For Shooting?
By Ben Samuelson While I suspect January may be a very busy month for shooting this year, I am afraid that I cannot agree that it is the best month of the shooting season. That accolade can only be awarded to September. This is primarily because of t
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Dear Uncle Giles…
It has been put to me by my long-standing team of beaters that they should be given the opportunity to sell their end-of-season ‘cock day’. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea. Your thoughts? PJC, by email Call me old fashioned if you will, but I
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Maybe This Time…
What are your plans for 2021? I won’t judge you if there are plenty of entries in your new diaries that have only been written faintly in pencil, or if the pages on either side of important birthdays and anniversaries are a desert of white. As I writ