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“If aliens were watching Earth, what would they think of us?”

ight is fast, but it still takes time to travel across the universe. So when you look at the stars in 

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Computer use for bitcoin mining in China will soon use more energy and produce more carbon emissions than developed European countries such as Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, according to a paper published in Nature Communications. Chinese research
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Alternatives To Residential Property
Property as an investment has done well in recent years, buoyed by high demand and extremely low interest rates. Plus, residential property is an investment Kiwis feel familiar with, says Harbour Asset Management’s managing director, Andrew Bascand.
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Princely Quotations
On bigwigs: “Occasionally I get fed up, going to visit a factory, when I am being shown around by the chairman, who clearly hasn’t got a clue, and I try to get hold of the factory manager but I can’t because the chairman wants to make sure he’s the o