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Colourful Start
Power Race Graphics has announced the launch of a new sub brand, RAD Design Lines. The brand’s mission is to inspire young, creative people to get into design and motorsport graphics. The first product release is the Drag Racing Doorslammers colourin
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Remember When…
In the spirit of remembrance, off the back of the feature on the rebuild of Jason Forrester’s Mk1 Consul, we thought we’d journey back to the Kev Elliott period in Custom Car’s history, a time when the thorny subject of PT Cruisers reared its front-w
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Customcar back Issues
Back issues: £4.99 per issue, including postage & packing (UK delivery only) All Shook Up ’32 roadster 1960 Thames 300e van ’48 and ’51 Ford pick-ups Green Light Nationals Euro Finals Mailman Special Chevy roadster Icon Derelict Rolls Royce Model A c