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ver the 40+ years that I have been writing this column, one unfortunate factor continually stands out. When I began writing (in the early 1970s), many of my columns were aimed at describing homebrewing tips and kinks in one form or another. At the time, projects from simple microphone and power connections to more advanced topics such as entire transmitters, receivers, and elaborate slow-scan TV devices were attempted by many amateurs who were interested in actually building something. As a direct result of the “snail mail” we received at that time (remember this was before email), we had a lot of questions and comments regarding these endeavors. As

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VHF Plus
Plus, a Beacon Grows on St. Helena Well, hello, and welcome to your column. I’m beyond excited that W2VU has afforded me the opportunity to curate the VHF+ column. I’ve been around radio my entire life and was finally licensed about 20 years ago. I h
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This time I am going to cover perhaps the most complex topic I have ever taken a swing at. Antenna temperature does not apply to HF antennas and can barely even be measured at 2 meters. So, we are mainly talking about a 1 GHz-and-up spectrum issue. L
CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
MCKEESPORT, PENNSYLVANIA — The Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club will hold its 49 th Annual Amateur Radio/Computer Show from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sunday, April 18 at the McKeesport Palisades, 100 Fifth Avenue. Contact Bill Powers, N3GHT, (412) 260-5699. Ema