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(“FP/W1UF - Setting a New DXpedition ‘Record’,” p. 10), has been a ham since 1947 and a pilot since 1953.

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CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
ZERO BIAS: A CQ Editorial
What does grinding a crystal have in common with winning the CQ World Wide DX Contest? More than you might think… It all started when Lisa Roberts, AL6Y, a protégé of Contributing Editor Eric Nichols, KL7AJ, submitted an article about learning from E
CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 11 mins
Emergency Communications
A CQ Magazine National Section Emergency Coordinator Survey Is amateur radio still at the forefront of emergency and public service communications? During the “great flood” of 1913 that devastated many areas of the Midwest (see photo), it was reporte
CQ Amateur RadioLeitura de 11 mins
The Listening Post
Unfortunately, due to a computer error, Gerry Dexter’s usual monthly “shortwavelet” news bytes are off the air this month. Gerry sends his profound apologies to the shortwave listener (SWL) community and says that he should be back up and running in