UK/US: Netflix, streaming now

Producer Nigel Paterson

Narrator Sophie Okonedo

EPISODES 1.01-1.04

centuries’ time, a documentary series like this will probably be hosted by a clone of David

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Bad Girls
WE’RE STANDING IN THE shadow of the snout of a dirty, scorched spaceship, its gangplank lowered. You can easily imagine Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds striding out. Zoom out from a tight focus, however, and the illusion’s broken. This is just a small sli
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Crime And Punishment
THE TENTH HELLRAISER FILM has spent a long time in release date limbo. Started in 2015 and released in the States in 2018, it’s finally just been released in the UK on Blu-ray. “It’s really a detective story,” says director Gary J Tunnicliffe, down t
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Holey Man
Were you a fan of the franchise before taking the part? Absolutely. Pinhead has always been my favourite horror icon. I saw the first movie in Kansas in 1987. I had all of the action figures and a bunch of puzzle boxes when I got the audition. I’m ha