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This new sensor keeps an eye on the correct calf milk mix.

Rearing calves on any farm is time consuming, but moreso on a dairy farm where automatic calf feeders have proved invaluable and ensure animal-friendly and needs-based calf feeding.

Powdered milk, and also whole milk to a lesser extent, is usually used in the automatic feeders and a combination of both is possible.

Fluctuating dry substance contents in new powdered milk batches necessitate constant checking and adjustment of the automatic feeders’ basic settings to achieve a consistent powdered milk concentration in the feeder milk and optimum feed qualities.

In practice, this important activity is occasionally forgone due to time constraints, as the milk replacer concentration has to be adjusted manually on the automatic feeder after calibration.

However, Holm & Laue’s Brix-TS Sensor, which is an electronic refractometer sensor that has been integrated

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