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Perfect JUST as they are!

Stepping out of the airport, the scent of woody incense lingered in the air.

It was March 2010, and my partner Debra and I had just arrived for our first holiday in Bali. We were so excited to explore. But on our way to the hotel I couldn’t help but notice how many injured, sick and suffering dogs were on the streets.

Growing up an only child in rural South Australia, my first friend was our old English sheepdog, Ben.

My mum also taught

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She's A Rebel!
Janice loomed in the doorway. Tara and her grandma’s plan to sneak in unnoticed had failed. ‘Do you two have any idea what the time is?’ They shook their heads. ‘It’s late,’ Janice growled, looking at her mum. ‘When are you going to grow up?’ ‘Lighte
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ACT couple Ali and Erica Lubransky-Moy have put an unusual item in their front yard, a pantry! The ‘take what you need, give what you can’ pantry is open 24/7 so those in need – humans and their pets – don’t have to go hungry. The community pantry is
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Spot the difference: PET IN A PUZZLE!
If you look at the two pictures, we’ve made a change to the second picture. When you have found the change, write the number of the quadrant in which the change occurs on the puzzle entry coupon on page 44 for your chance to win. ■