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, all this new smartification of everyday items seems to involve putting networked computers in places where they’re not needed, and needing dozens of companion apps on your smartphone to keep tabs on all these smart things—and in so doing, opening all these devices (and possibly your phone too)

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Maximum PCLeitura de 1 minsNetworking
What’s In A Name?
Remember the good old days of wireless g, n, and ac? Well, they’re gone, replaced by Wi-Fi 4, 5, 6, and now 6E. Of course, much of this is mere rebranding. Under the new nomenclature, what was once rather clumsily known as 802.11g wireless networking
Maximum PCLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
MSI MPG Gungnir 100
MSI’S A FAIRLY NEW name in the world of case design. It’s had a few different cases pop up every now and then over the years, but it’s never seen quite enough success to really cement itself as one of the big players. The Gungnir 100 we’re looking at
Maximum PCLeitura de 1 minsSecurity
Mysterious Malware Hits Macs
SECURITY RESEARCHERS at Red Canary have uncovered a piece of malware, dubbed “Silver Sparrow,” that has managed to sneak itself onto over 30,000 M1-powered Macs, and even some older Intel-powered ones. What the malware is designed to do remains a mys