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THE OPEN HOME AUTOMATION BUS, (openHAB) can connect all the diverse IoT appliances that may or may not be beginning to proliferate around your home. Typically these devices all have their own, often proprietary applications, but under the hood they usually use-open source protocols—and when they don’t, people have figured them out enough to plug them into openHAB. We’re going to do it a little differently to how we would before, because Canonical recently released the openHAB Ubuntu Appliance for the Raspberry Pi. This means we can write the SD card image, boot it and have a fully functional web-based home automation server.

In order to use these Ubuntu Appliances (there are currently four others besides openHAB, and more are on the way), you’ll need to sign up for Ubuntu SSO (Single Sign On) at . It’s free, and you can use it all over

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