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Machine of the Month: Apple II (1977)

THIS MONTH WE EXPLORE the brainchild of Apple’s other Steve, the genius that is Steve Wozniak. The Apple II (stylized as the Apple][) was one of the original mass-market home computers, but would become synonymous with color computing, distinguishing itself from rivals made by Commodore and Tandy. Unhappy with the state of personal computing, Wozniak wanted to create something “small, reliable, convenient to use, and inexpensive.” Following the stylistically crude but technologically promising Apple 1, Wozniak wanted to create a machine that was faster and more practical, with color graphics.

While Steve Jobs concerned himself with selling the machine and making it pretty, Wozniak would create a piece of engineering beauty still admired today. Widely regarded as a primary influence on the IBM PC, the Apple II created the first real

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