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INCE ITS DISCOVERY IN 1831, magnetic north has been quietly drifting across Arctic Canada. For 150 years, it wandered between 0km and 15km a year. But in the 1990s magnetic north took off. Within 30 years, the North Magnetic Pole had fled Canada and entered northern Siberia, travelling upwards of 50–60km a year. Today the South Magnetic Pole is found in the Southern Ocean at 64.081°S 135.866°E. But when Douglas Mawson reached what he

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Tim The Yowie Man the Tale Of The Nullarbor Nymph
THESE DAYS, if a grainy photo of a half-naked woman living with kangaroos on the Nullarbor was circulated it would probably get a run on a fake news website before disappearing into obscurity. Savvy readers would realise it was a prank. But back in l
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The Australian Geographic Book Club
By Tom Gilling This is the story of an Aussie war hero largely forgotten by history, and what a story it is! The Japanese put a bounty on Jock McLaren’s head as he escaped Japanese POW camps, fought with American-led Filipino guerrillas and sailed hi