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APTAIN ARTHUR PHILLIP RN was commander of the First Fleet of 11 ships that sailed into Botany Bay, New South Wales, in January 1788. Work on the site he chose for a convict settlement at nearby Sydney Cove, in Port Jackson, began shortly after, on 26 January. Having been appointed the first NSW governor on 12 October 1786, Phillip was aware before arriving of the potential

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Snakebite And Its Aftermath
THE PRIMARY purpose of snake venom is to immobilise prey, but from the human experience it’s more significant when a snake bites to defend itself. Venom is modified saliva. It is stored in venom glands behind the eye and connected by ducts to the fan
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Australia Day Awards
THE YEAR 2020 was like no other in living memory. The Black Summer bushfires were followed by the global pandemic. Tragic events in the USA ignited the Black Lives Matter movement, which rapidly gained traction in Australia where injustices suffered
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Far North Queensland Wildlife & Conservation Safari
Far north Queensland is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise! This small group tour explores rainforest habitat, concentrating on the endemic wildlife found within. We have a firm belief that tourism is the key to the protection and conservation of this