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Naked eye

he world’s most recognised constellation is the Northern Hemisphere evening sky’s Orion

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Talking Australia
Tyson, of the Apalech Clan from Cape York, Queensland, is a senior lecturer in Indigenous knowledge, published poet, exhibited artist and author of the award-winning book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World (The Text Publishing Comp
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Lifeblood Of The Nation
Below the modern Brewarrina Weir in north-western New South Wales, a 2km bend holds the remains of this ancient structure, a complex of dry-stone walls and a site of engineering brilliance. Displaying advanced knowledge of river hydrology and fish ec
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Beauty On The Brink
IT’S JUST AFTER lunchtime, the morning rains have finally cleared and the sun begins breaking through the clouds. Max Breckenridge, a captive release project officer with BirdLife Australia (BLA) is slowly walking along a dirt road that cuts through