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EFORE TELESCOPES, sky watchers thought dark markings on the Moon were seas and named them maris – Latin for ‘of the sea’. The telescope revealed them to be vast plains, which are actually ancient lava flows that filled giant impact basins caused

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When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Change Places
SINCE ITS DISCOVERY IN 1831, magnetic north has been quietly drifting across Arctic Canada. For 150 years, it wandered between 0km and 15km a year. But in the 1990s magnetic north took off. Within 30 years, the North Magnetic Pole had fled Canada and
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Homes On The Rangelands
I’M SITTING IN stunned silence in a minibus with pastoralist David Pollock. We’re 650km north-east of Perth, in Western Australia’s Southern Rangelands. Before us stretch vast unvegetated swathes of red dirt, but, as I’m discovering, it didn’t always
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Tim The Yowie Man the Tale Of The Nullarbor Nymph
THESE DAYS, if a grainy photo of a half-naked woman living with kangaroos on the Nullarbor was circulated it would probably get a run on a fake news website before disappearing into obscurity. Savvy readers would realise it was a prank. But back in l