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Dr Dean Miller

R DEAN MILLER IS a scientist, multi-media professional, BBC television presenter and an Australian Geographic-sponsored explorer. With a PhD in coral reef management, tourism and resource allocation, and a wealth of scientific experience in the field from Antarctica to the Arctic

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When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Change Places
SINCE ITS DISCOVERY IN 1831, magnetic north has been quietly drifting across Arctic Canada. For 150 years, it wandered between 0km and 15km a year. But in the 1990s magnetic north took off. Within 30 years, the North Magnetic Pole had fled Canada and
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Nature Photo Exhibition
THE AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM has reopened after a major revamp of its historic central Sydney sandstone precinct that dates back to 1845. Construction work, which began in early 2019 and continued right through the COVID-19 lockdown, has released an additio
Australian GeographicLeitura de 2 mins
Tim The Yowie Man the Tale Of The Nullarbor Nymph
THESE DAYS, if a grainy photo of a half-naked woman living with kangaroos on the Nullarbor was circulated it would probably get a run on a fake news website before disappearing into obscurity. Savvy readers would realise it was a prank. But back in l