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Flea treatment needs to tick the box

I have been in the habit of treating my dogs with a spot-on containing fipronil but recently I found fleas on them.

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I am an advocate of using a dog crate for dogs that live indoors. Some people don’t like the idea of keeping a dog in a cage but, if properly established, the dog will come to see it as their bed and their own space. You can start to introduce your p
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The Krypton XG50 looks almost identical to the popular front-mounted F155 and the later F455 night-vision models, and the button layout and functions are practically the same. The Krypton, however, is purely a thermal unit, working solely on the heat
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Island Life
When you think of rat control it is hard not to envisage a man rocking up in a van, filling a bait box and then disappearing until next month. While this may be all that is needed in some cases, it isn’t in every instance. Some years ago I read about