Yoon Wonhwa, a visual culture researcher, wrote a series of articles. Focus on the place where the exhibition is placed and talk about the exhibition. Exhibitions move places in the form of images and data and change their appearance in various ways. These articles look back on the places where exhibitions appear.

Yoon Wonhwa is an independent researcher, art writer, and translator based in Seoul. She is the author of Picture, Window, Mirror: Photographs Seen in the Exhibition Space and On the Thousand and Second Night: Visual Arts in Seoul in the 2010s. She co-curated ‘Human Scale’ at the Ilmin Museum of Art and co-produced Soft Places for the Seoul Mediacity Biennale 2018.

The headquarters for Sindoh in Seongsudong, Seoul is home to the exhibition

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SpaceLeitura de 5 minsEconomics
A Hotel That Connects Another Lifestyles
Kim Yeram (Kim): Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation carried out an urban development project named ShinPuhKan Complex. Tell us about the aims of this urban development project and the history behind the complex. Kengo Kuma (Kuma): In 1926,
SpaceLeitura de 7 mins
Idea Proposal
The new Korean Museum of Urbanism and Architecture (KMUA) is not a place that prioritses identity in its form. When the concept of architecture as ‘A Recycling Assemblage’ leads to an idea of a connected architecture educational programme, the role o
SpaceLeitura de 11 mins
Exploring The Connections Between Tradition And Technology: Realrich Architecture Workshop
After establishing his Realrich Architecture Workshop in 2011, Realrich Sjarief is currently involved in architectural activities that emphasizes locality and handcraft. He graduated from the Institute Technology of Bandung in Indonesia, did his mast