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Seagull Models/legend Hobby Savage Shock Cub
Seagull Models has decided to throw their hat in the Cub appreciation ring with this 102-inch-span RC Savage Shock Cub designed for 35cc to 55cc gas engines or electric equivalents. Available in two color options, silver and black or yellow and black
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Top Gun Favorite Mark Chapman’s ⅓-scale Albatros
Hugh Ryder: Your Albatros D.Va is a beautiful model, what is the history behind the full-scale Albatros? Mark Chapman: The Albatros D.Va was manufactured by the Albatros Company. It was built in their factory by boat builders and cabinet makers becau
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Pro-am Jet Class
This Tomahawk Aviation ⅓.5-scale F-86 Sabre Jet has a span of 122 inches, is 118 inches long, and weighs in at 65 pounds. Ali’s F-86 is powered by a KingTech 210 turbine and he used a Spektrum DX-20 radio system to earn a final score of 123.625 point