Rail Express


Correct to December 21, 2020


10401/05/014 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX


11067/69/73/80/81/85 HQ/SBXHDE/MNXX


12030/32 HQ/SBXH-DE/MNXX

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News Round-up
LONG-TERM Soho depot resident No. 08805 has lost its Robin Jones – 40 Years’ Service nameplates as the person it was named after has retired. It was named in 2019 to commemorate his 40 years of service. Remarkably, as Robin moved around the West Midl
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‘Choppers’ Sold, Hired, And Returned To Service
THE Midland Class 20 Association has sold its ‘Chopper’ No. 20048 to Class 20189 Ltd. Preserved in 1991, the loco is part-way through an overhaul, having been stopped in 2016. It is the second previously preserved ‘20’ to have been bought by its new
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Brush Diesel & Electric Locomotives 1980-2020
THIS is another second part book, the first one covering the period up to 1980 and this one picking up the story since then. The author had a 48-year career at Brush, so is in a prime position to talk about work done there. Although the number of new