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Ultraso’N’ic ‘Sprinter’

CONVERSIONS in ‘N’ gauge make different demands on modelling skills compared to larger scales, including how a model is treated with fillers and paint to achieve seamless finishes. A favourite material among scale and railway modellers played an important role in the project to convert a Graham Farish Class 150/1 to represent the unique Class 950 which was converted from what was, in effect, the 51st Class 150/1 unit to be constructed at BREL York in 1987.

The standard Class 150 was seen as the most economical way to build No. 950001, the two-car ultrasonic track evaluation train (Track Recording Unit or TRU) which was seen as suitable for light branch lines and secondary routes. This is fortunate for ‘N’ and ‘OO’ gauge modellers, with models of the Class 150 in ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge currently available in one form or another making a conversion possible.

Mapping out the project

When scoping out a project to model departmental rolling stock, be aware that frequent changes were made to departmental and research stock as testing parameters and technology changed. This becomes apparent when researching No. 950001, particularly where the roof and cab front equipment is concerned.

The cars making up No. 950001 are different from each other in

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