American History


Besides working on Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, communications consultant Spencer Critchley of Boots Road Group counts the U.S. Department of Labor and others as clients. He contributes to national media outlets. His book Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump was Inevitable and What Happens Next was published this year by McDavid Media.

The Founders thought they had created a new kind of nation based on Enlightenment reason—the civic nation. But there has always been a Counter-Enlightenment resistance, fighting for faith, tradition, culture, and ties to the land—the ethnic nation. The two nations live within different world views, with different ways of thinking and even

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Hair Power
At the peak of her long career, diminutive powerhouse Martha Matilda Harper was overseeing some 500 hair salons around the country, in Canada, and across Europe that promoted her Harper hair care method. From an impoverished child indentured in Ontar
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Hamilton’s History, Out of Hiding
Alexander Hamilton, the West Indian striver who elbowed his way into the front ranks of the Founding Fathers, has been revealed to have been a lifelong slave owner and slave trader. Jessie Serfilippi, historic interpreter at Hamilton’s former estate—
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Suffragette Cinema
In November 1914, American voters in seven states were to consider proposed state constitutional amendments that would enfranchise women. That September, the suffragist movement prepared to employ a new medium by making a cinematic thriller meant to