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“The riff by its very nature is repetitive so you get it again and again, you get it reinforced and the rest of the song is built around it like the riff was the skeleton of the song.” Queen

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The Alternatives
Although it has a firm stronghold in larger studios, Pro Tools continues to provide stiff competition at all levels of recording and production avid.com Especially if you already own an Apple Mac, Logic offers a lot for the money, and continues to b
Future MusicLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Quick Tips
1 While this was previously available as a third-party Max for Live plugin, Ableton Live 11 introduced the ability to Follow Tempo from an external audio source. This opens up the doors to jamming with Live using an audio source such as a real drum k
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Randomly Modulated Effects In Ableton Live
01 > Our Live project has two elements – an electro-style beat created in a Drum Rack, and a separate Simpler track triggering a 909 clap on the fourth beat of every bar. To liven things up, let’s apply a randomly modulated effects treatment to the c