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Use new MIDI probability for varied beats

01 > For this walkthrough we’re going to use Ableton Live 11’s new MIDI probability feature to turn a stale-feeling techno beat into one that feels human and alive. Load up Ableton’s

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Future MusicLeitura de 4 minsComputers
Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 £499
CONTACT WHO: Steinberg WEB: steinberg.net KEY FEATURES Advanced Audio Export, Sampler Track 2, Scale Assistant, Key Editor (CC curves, pitchbend tracking, Global Tracks), Frequency 2 EQ, Squasher dynamics, Imager plug-in, MultiTap Delay Surround Supp
Future MusicLeitura de 4 mins
With a refreshingly upbeat and funky take on minimal house music, Cologne’s Johannes “DJOKO” Kolter has scored releases on Golf Clap’s Country Club Disco, Okain’s Talman Records, and DJ Steaw and Gunnter’s Rutilance Recordings. We caught up with the
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The Small Things Add Up In Live 11
Ableton also added a few new things that are totally new to Live 11. These include three new effects—a Hybrid Reverb that allows the user to blend convolution and algorithm-based reverbs, a Spectral Resonator plugin with a unique audio Freeze functio