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You willtomato seeds • pots • peat-free, multi-purpose compost • vermiculite (a water-retaining mineral) • cling film • soft twine • stakes (such as bamboo) • tomato food

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Catkin ID Guide
Catkins are male or female flower clusters on certain broadleaved trees. Catkin shapes and flowering times vary widely between tree species. Pollen is transferred from male to female flowers by the wind or by insects, setting the seed or nut. The see
BBC Countryfile MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
Pennine Pasturelands
Weardale’s scenery owes everything to geology. As the now-redundant lead mining industry filled the valley, it forced agriculture on to the hills, leading to a rare ecology of upland hay meadows that remain the spring and summer glory of the North Pe
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Scents Of Calm
I’m digging over a new vegetable patch. Earth that has been cold for months has been touched by warm sunshine. As I turn the warming soil, it releases a smell so delicious I could happily roll in it. Forget the meteorological start of spring – the se