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Pet owners need to know they’re not causing destruction

These are worrying times for our waterways. Across the length and breadth of England, rivers, lakes and streams are polluted by a filthy mixture of sewage, chemical discharges and agricultural run-off. A measly 16% of them are rated as being of a good ecological

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Hebridean Machair
Backing on to wild Atlantic beaches, the west coast of South Uist is a land of undulating flatness, where fields gently rise like the crests of waves, hiding the ocean until you are almost upon it. As smooth and polished as a snooker table for much
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Star Species
Rare, low-growing with feathery leaves and deep-purple, yellow-centred flowers followed by fluffy seed heads. Cylindrical spike of purple-pink flowers, 40cm tall with a sweet smell like oranges, especially in the evening. Distinctive black-and-white
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Rare Habitats Of The Plateaux
Strong winds, no shelter, extended periods of snow and minimal soil – these are harsh conditions. But life continues: expect to see woolly fringe-moss (1), reindeer lichen (2), three-leaved rush (3), stiff sedge (4), wavy hairgrass (5), trailing azal