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Guitar TechniquesLeitura de 1 mins
Get the Tone
Generally, it’s a good policy to work with as little distortion as you can. You may have to work harder, but there will be a core to your notes, rather than the fizzy transparency that results from using too much gain. If your guitar has humbuckers,
Guitar TechniquesLeitura de 1 mins
Get the Tone
The Brit Rock tone is not unlike the classic rock tone used by bands from Free to Mott The Hoople. To emulate Banks’s tone I used a bridge humbucker into a Vox AC30 emulation plugin. Any guitar is fine, but a bridge pickup is preferable. Alternativel
Guitar TechniquesLeitura de 3 mins
OZ NOY Video Masterclass
This month we are looking at an exclusive solo courtesy of the Strat favouring Oz Noy. Jason wrote and recorded Grease And Grit’s backing track; it features a funky 4/4 groove at 115bpm. The track is in the key of G Minor, with some additional harmon