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YARP is the framework for communications within robotics. It can replace the ROS master as a name server. You can also do this the

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Since the NOAA polar orbiting satellites orbit at only 850km and you can easily receive their radio signals, you might wonder if you can see the NOAA polar orbiting satellites by looking at the sky. According to the NOAA, they are considered naked ey
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Better Virtual Machines
Virtual machines – where would we be without them? Since the late 2000s they’ve taken over great swathes of the internet, as data centre bean-counters realised that it was much more efficient for one server to host a bunch of VMs than be dedicated to
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Want to list the contents of a disc? Using *CAT is quick and simple but a cooler and shorter way is to use *. Want a quick blast of nostalgia in the browser? JSBeeb (https://bbc. has a library of tape-and disc- based games available. J