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Monster Movies
The longest continuous Can footage (85 minutes) is also the earliest. Amazing black-and-white show in a tent; newly recruited Suzuki is edgy and manic, and the band is firing on all its avant-garage cylinders. Peter Przygodda’s document of Can’s tr
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How are you doing, Stephen? I am just coming out of hibernation. I got my second shot yesterday and my hair didn’t fall out, so I’m still in the game. It’s been like an extended sabbatical. I got a bit of perspective on things. Have you been making
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Gruff Rhys
“I was reading a very overrated book a few years ago,” explains Gruff Rhys, “and there was a reference to Mount Paektu and it jumped out. Seeking New Gods started as a biography of the mountain, but the songs just didn’t scan, so I made it more perso