What Hi-Fi?

Luxman D-10X

■ SACD/CD player

■ £14,999

“All the buttons work with a positive action and slickness that’s rare to find in low-volume high-end products”

Our first thought on receiving the Luxman D-10X was that the company had made a mistake. The package in front of us was far too big and heavy to contain just a disc player. Maybe someone at Luxman had accidentally sent one of the company’s monster power amps instead? They hadn’t.

The D-10X is an SACD/CD-playing beast. While the generously sized casework is nothing unusual at this level, the vertebrae-straining weight is a different story. At 22.4kg, this player is heavier than most power amps we come across, and that’s down to the company’s no-compromise approach to construction.

The casework is as rigid as they come, with thick aluminium panels and elaborate internal bracing. It inspires confidence in use, and feels like the D-10X is made to pass down

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