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“There’s no harm in having a crack.”

What better way to start off a huge 2021 than with a huge story? Quite literally, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. I’m not just talking about the size of the awesome trucks I got to shoot for this story or the size of the awesome load I got to see moved; I’m also talking about the huge lessons I learnt about myself during this story.

I know right, I’m diverting your attention from some of the coolest Kenworths in Australia, including a rebuilt 2013 C509 workhorse, so I can waffle about my own self-reflection. I very rarely get to turn a story around and make it about me, so give me a little leeway here. Not that I need to ask, as the journalist here you guys really don’t have a choice, you kind of have to just tag along and humour me.

I know you really want to know more about the S&S Heavy Haulage team so if you’ll just indulge me with a paragraph or two where I make it all about me then we can focus on S&S Heavy Haulage.

The reason I want to make it about me is because I had several days with Jarred Sacca and his S&S Heavy Haulage team. Over those few days I learnt a hell of a lot about myself. Bear in mind I have done a fair bit of trucking in my lifetime.

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