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• 2tbps flax seed• 5tbsp water• 110ml extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil• 160gms jaggery powder• A pinch salt• 60gms cocoa powder• 115gms refined flour/oat flour• 1 tbsp vanilla extractMETHOD• Make a powder out of the flax seeds and add in the wa
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Glamorous and glorious, have a look at the varied decanters we have assembled as inspiration for you. A tea time favourite element and a beautiful addition to your decor, kettles are the new magical decor must-have. The perfect complement to your h
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HOME: Private Residence LOCATION: South Mumbai ROOMS: Living and dining room, den, guest bedroom, powder room, master bedroom, master bathroom and kitchen DECOR: Monochrome with splash of the colours of outdoors INTERIOR DESIGNER: Ali Baldiwala FIRM: