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Duevel Bella Luna Diamante

When it comes to makers of true omnidirectional speakers, it seems that those with the highest profile currently hail from Germany. MBL’s Radialstrahlers and the German Physiks models occupy the upper echelons of the market, while at the more affordable end it’s the Duevel name that springs to mind most readily. Based in Osnabruck, the latter company is the brainchild of Markus and Annette Duevel, who founded the business in 1988.

The £9995 Bella Luna Diamante is the central model in a seven-strong lineup of loudspeakers, but it’s notable for three reasons. Firstly, it’s a bona fide TV star! Those who remember British actor Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of Dr Gregory House in the US TV series House may recall that the character was a piano-playing jazz fan. His loudspeaker of choice? None other than the Bella Luna Diamante. Secondly, this model marks a transition within the Duevel range being the most affordable version to use a horn-loaded tweeter. Markus Duevel actually began his career in loudspeaker engineering specialising in the simulation and development of horn-loaded designs, so this is a key feature of the top models.


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