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lnterdisciplinarity and Transformative Experience in Brussels Lay Groundwork for Future Leaders

Dean for Europe and Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Culture, Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent

"lnterdisciplinarity is at the heart of our mission to educate leaders for the next 50 years who have an open mind to the interconnections of knowledge. Courses are taught by some of the sharpest

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FIFTY YEARS AGO THIS WINTER, a Harvard professor named Samuel P. Huntington and a wealthy diplomat and investment banker named Warren Demian Manshel decided to start a new journal. The United States, they worried, was on the brink of a crisis—a whole
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Iceland’s increasing presence on the world stage in a broad range of sectors is testament to its excellent education that nurtures young minds and encourages them to explore creative and original ways of thinking and problem solving. The largest and
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When Foreign Policy Went Wrong.
1 IN U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, IT ISN ALWAYS EASY to suss out good ideas from bad. Some bad ideas masquerade as neutral fact, only to be exposed later on. Others worm their way into strategic doctrines, guiding a wide range of policies that long outlast t