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Advanced techniques

Asking an engineer how they mic electric and bass guitars can yield answers ranging from the very simple to the bafflingly complex. The reason for this is that different jobs require different techniques. If you’re capturing the tightest, punchiest sound

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The 40 Greatest Synth Sounds Of All Time
The glorious sound of the synth – and by that we mean its circuits, the tone and timbre of the machine itself and not necessarily its attempts to emulate ‘real’ instruments – has now been filtering in and out of music genres for more than five decade
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Pro Tips
The method of key change shown in step 10 is known as a modulation by secondary dominant. This is because we’re smoothing out the transition from the original key into the new key by preceding the tonic of the new key with the V chord, or dominant of
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Sparse Soundscapes
Perhaps the ultimate pursuit of the sound designer, soundscapes can be anything you want them to be. Whatever genre you’re working in – from soundtrack to ambient, through house and DnB – there’s always a place for an evolving, atmospheric bed of sou