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With her alter-ego and social enterprise Nanogirl, Michelle Dickinson, 42, is on a mission to give young Kiwis – especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds – the opportunity to be inspired by science. But outside of the lab, the TV presente
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Going A Little CUCKOO!
I’ve been thinking about those little German weather houses shaped like an alpine chalet that people used to have on their walls. Depending on the weather, either a woman (when it’s sunny and dry) or a man (rainy and damp) pops out of their side-by-s
New Zealand Woman’s WeeklyLeitura de 3 mins
Ballroom & brains! BILL’S DOWN UNDER MOVES
It’s been a weird old year for Bill Bailey, cooped up in lockdown in the UK. So when the eccentric funnyman got the opportunity to come to New Zealand, he leapt at the chance – although being let loose into the big wide world hasn’t been without its