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When you think of rat control it is hard not to envisage a man rocking up in a van, filling a bait box and then disappearing until next month. While this may be all that is needed in some cases, it isn’t in every instance.

“I love returning to islands I have worked on and seeing the changes to the native species and habitats”

Some years ago I read about a team who eradicated the last rat from an island in Scotland. At the time, I hadn’t visited Scotland (how times change), but when the Isle of Canna rabbit project was awarded to us, I realised that this was the rat-free island I had heard about previously. The work had been carried out by a company from New Zealand called Wildlife

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Tech Specs
Country of origin US In production 1997 to 2019 Action Semi-automatic Stock options Synthetic or laminated Barrel length 16½in to 20in Magazine Detachable; 10 round (.22 LR) or eight round (.22 WMR and .17 HMR) Left-hand version No Weight (bar
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De Luxe And Delightful
Eagle-eyed readers may have noted that the guns featured in Blast from the Past over recent months have been rather newer to the market than usual. This has been caused by the strictures of the lockdowns, which have prevented us from scouring the use
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Concentration Is Key
I find it hard to straight a stand and become distracted when I’m doing well, missing the last few targets. Any advice? Tony says: You are breaking a lot of targets, just not all of them. This shows that your shooting is all right, but your discipl