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f you want instant access to live tweets, particularly if you use Direct Messages, Twitter is the best choice,

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Unified Memory
APPLE’S NEW M1 Macs introduce a new kind of Mac processor and a new kind of memory too. Apple calls it Unified Memory Architecture (UMA), and it’s one of the reasons M1 Macs are so incredibly fast. Since the earliest PCs, the core of the system has b
MacLifeLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Location Location Location: Widgets For Where You Are
Free From Needs iOS 11 or later This app assigns unique three–word names to every three–metre square on the planet, helping you pinpoint exactly where you are. Its widgets show a map with your location and current three–word place name
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Work And Productivity
THESE DAYS, MANY of us do huge amounts of work on our iPhones and iPads. That’s doubly true when you consider how many high–quality, professional apps there are in the App Store. An iPhone loaded with a few key apps can be a boost to your productivit