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Grace Jones
The statuesque model and singer shot to fame in the early 80s with her bold, androgynous style, dulcet tones and risqué lyrics. Five decades later she remains an icon of contemporary culture. Born in Jamaica, Jones moved to New York with her family i
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A New Way To Decorate
Welcome to the summer of Neo Deco decor, our 2021 take on the pure drama, energy and optimism of all things art deco. Think rounded and smooth corners, the clean-cut lines, the geometric patterns, the glass, the velvet… but with an edginess that’s he
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Secret Address Book
Whoever said bookish was boring hasn’t paid a trip to Parvum Opus. The Michigan-based craft firm’s name means ‘diminutive artistic forms’ in Latin, and its book bindings, notebooks, stationery and desk accessories are a whirl of office-based fun. Its