“I bought this ’Burst about 10 years ago,” Andrew, a bona fide ’Burst aficionado, says of this guitar, one of several he has had the pleasure of owning over the years. “I think ’Bursts are in a different category in terms of craftsmanship and how well they’re made,” he continues. “This one is currently valued at £285,000, but I remember back in 1975 you could buy a ’Burst for £500. Goldtops were about £350 and an early 60s Strat was about £150. By the early 80s, a reasonable quality ’Burst was about £2,000 and in the late 80s I was offered a ’59 for £5,000.

“The big jump in price came from about 1990 onwards, up until the early 00s. When I first started collecting in the early 90s, there was

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Trading Licks
THE AEOLIAN MODE is the sixth mode of the major scale and can literally be seen as the natural minor scale, the relative minor scale to the parent key, A. The A major scale contains the following seven notes: A B C# D E F# G# A The F# Aeolian mode co
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As leader of The Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde has been behind more hits than La Cosa Nostra. I Go To Sleep, Don’t Get Me Wrong, Back On The Chain Gang, 2000 Miles, I’ll Stand By You… The list goes on and on. As a guitarist, Chrissie has been utterly fa