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Special Features
The commercial Waveform Pro is in the lead when it comes to extra features. It has a “rack” system whereby it’s possible to graphically create a linked-up arrangement of plugins that can be saved as a system. Next time you need this arrangement you c
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Quick Tip
For general-purpose fluorescence photography you need a moderately high-powered UV torch. You should buy a so-called near longwave UV light source because these are fairly cheap, and because medium- and shortwave UV (as required, for example, to get
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Gaming on RetroPie
Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the arcades were the place to be. The latest video games from Namco, Sega, Konami and more ate our 10 pence coins as we pursued that high score. Those days are now sadly behind us, but retro gaming has seen massive growth